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The Creation Station franchisee, Amy Jordan, talks to Find Your Activity reporter Lucy Pilkington about the start of her career with The Creation Station and how creativity can bring families together. 

The Creation Station franchisee, Amy Jordan, talks to Find Your Activity reporter Lucy Pilkington about the start of her career with The Creation Station and how creativity can bring families together.

Amy and The Creation Station

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To say the past year has been a big year for Amy would be an understatement. The pandemic aside, Amy has been extremely busy with making the nerve-wracking decision to leave her last job as a secondary school history teacher, buy a franchise, and not to mention becoming a first-time mother to her beautiful son Charlie. Reflecting on her previous job as a history teacher, Amy expressed how she was conflicted on how she would be able to fully commit to her role after the birth of her son, not wanting to miss out on those all-important early years of her son's life. 


“I felt I would be doing half a job of everything and I didn’t want to miss the early years of my son’s Charlie's life.”


Upon making the decision to buy a franchise, Amy reflected on the type of activities she would want her own children to be involved in. She also had to take into consideration whether the role would cater for her own passion of working with children, and it just so happened that The Creation Station was the perfect fit. 


“I never really thought of buying a franchise but I started looking for things that I would like to do as activities with my son and when I came across The Creation Station I thought this is absolutely perfect.”


Inspiration truly struck for Amy to join The Creation Station when she learned about the importance of their work with children and how creativity can really impact a child's life for the better. Attending a discovery event she expressed how she had that all-important “this is the one for me” moment, claiming she knew then and there that this was a role she could really excel in.


“There was an X factor about them that the other franchises I looked into didn’t have.”


The Creation Station allowed Amy to consider a career she had never thought possible before. While she has had creative hobbies in the past, she had never given thought to turn that passion into a career. Teaming that up with the important work that they do for children every day, Amy was sold. After completing her training in May, Amy officially launched her classes at the start of summer. 

Creativity starts with Amy


Although Amy loves to be creative she openly admits that at times she finds herself, like many of us, struggling with the initial idea for a project. This is just another reason why she felt that The Creation Station was the right place for her. The Creation Station gives Amy the tools and initiative to start up an idea and run with it, transforming those ideas into fun and imaginative activities to do with the kids. 


“That's why I thought a franchise would be perfect for me as I don't have to come up with ideas but rather bring them to life and that's something I really enjoy doing.”


Being handed the ideas and aims of a project lets Amy completely focus on the needs of the children, being able to adjust the activities accordingly to suit each child's requirements. In doing this, Amy can ensure that everyone who attends The Creation Station classes receives personalised guidance, allowing their imagination and creativity to be the main focus of the activity. 


“Their (the children) imagination and what they bring to a project can transform it into all different kinds of things that you hadn’t even considered … so it's really great to have a supportive franchise that gives you the seeds of an idea that you can then build on depending on the children.”



August is for Cbeebies 




Throughout the month of August, The Creation Station has been running family fun sessions partnered with Cbeebies, suitable for ages 2-11. Each week includes a different focus; the first week consists of doodle and draw, the second is artastic paper art, the third week is all about well-being and finally, the fourth week focuses on recycled art. These sessions are a great way to spend the summer holidays and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones we were unable to see due to the pandemic, as the Creation Station encourages families and friends to join in on their sessions. The collaboration has been a massive hit with all of Amy's classes being fully booked up and everyone enjoying the opportunity to let their creative juices flow. 


“It was really great to team up with Cbeebies as their ideas along with our creative spin on things have worked really well together.”


Amy shared a fond memory of one of her recent classes that saw three generations of a family brought back together to have fun and create new memories. 


“Last week at a session we had a young girl with her mum and grandma, and a year ago that wouldn’t have been possible, so now to see that again is so great.” 

A day to remember


No two days are ever the same at The Creation Station as Amy explains how she is constantly surprised by the creativity of those who attend. Amy reminisced about one of her favourite days while working at The Creation Station and revealed how the innovation families bring to her sessions inspire her to continuously better her work. 

“There was this one family, a mother, and her two daughters, who came up with fantastic ideas with just a few prompts from me. After 5 minutes they were bouncing off each other and creating all sorts with playfoam. I came away from the session really buzzing with creativity.” 




Amy is positively buzzing as she expresses how much her work fills her with pride and excitement, and how she has achieved exactly what she wanted to when she first joined the franchise. Upon joining the franchise Amy hoped to bring a fun outlet to families by providing activities that not only motivates their creative side but strengthen their family bond. 


“It perfectly summed up what these sessions are about. I came away from that day really pleased how it had gone not only for me with the business side but for what they had got out of it as a family, they were a great little family.”

Looking into the future


Having the franchise license for 5 years, Amy explains how she hopes to expand her business to reach Central and North Derbyshire. With the high demand Amy is experiencing, expanding would mean that Amy could hire more staff to further the number of classes being offered, particularly at the weekend. 

“I would like to expand so that we can bring what we are doing to a bigger audience.”


With passion and drive like Amy's, there is no doubt in all of our minds here at Find Your Activity that the future can only bring more success and growth for both Amy and The Creation Station. If you are based in South Derbyshire, we can not recommend enough that you pay Amy a visit, you will not regret it! 

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