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The Magic Academy talk to Find Your Activity about the importance of community in sport.💫

The Magic Academy’s founder Russell Earnshaw spoke to Find Your Activity blog reporter Roisin about how the pandemic has put into perspective just how important ‘team’ sports are for communities. With many sports clubs across the UK – and around the globe – having to shut their doors over the past year, and in some instances not knowing if they will return, the heartbeat of numerous towns would have inevitably come to a stop.

We can all relate on some level to the importance of being part of a team, and how vital it is to include exercise in our lives. When this was taken away from us, we have seen the negative effects not just on the physical side, but the mental effect can be devastating.


💫Connecting people through coaching


“It’s all about helping people and having fun along the way”



The Magic Academy coaches a range of different sports, from Rugby, Football and Lacrosse to Cricket and multi sports. John Fletcher works alongside Rusty and together they offer classes to teach different coaches a variety of skills and experiences in an exciting and active environment. “Coaching is an infinite game. I have met some incredible people along the way”.

When the pandemic hit last year the Magic Academy had no option but to move their classes online. This was a worrying and challenging time for Rusty and his academy. However as with everything the team does, he continued to deliver one hundred percent commitment to his coaches, and it even opened up new doors for him.

“At the beginning of lockdown, I thought this would be the end of my work, but we have adapted. We are now working with people in New Zealand and Australia, and this may not have happened before the pandemic! I have met some amazing people online!”


Rusty not only continued to support sports communities to thrive online, but he also learnt some new lessons about his career as a leading coach for the Magic Academy. The pandemic knocked down the bridge between his work as a coach and his private life. An aspect of teaching he never imagined he would positively take away from the pandemic.

“The pandemic made me realise I should integrate my family into my work life more, that was a big realisation for me. My kids now get involved in the Magic Academy. My daughter Elsa (10) and my son Freddie (16) love to perform and get involved alongside Amy my wife too!”


As a society we have all learnt many things from the pandemic, especially how important family and community is. So even though ‘normal’ classes are beginning to return, Rusty still believes we must keep the online side of things going. This he believes will retain that sense of community where people can still feel like they can check in and support each other even though they may not physically be in the same place.

“Our members feel connected, like they are part of something so achieve a sense of belonging”

💫Casting positive spells


Just like the team at Find Your Activity, the Magic Academy is set on bringing communities back together in 2021. Encouraging people to realise their full potential within sport. Getting back out there and having fun! This is why the Magic Academy felt so passionately about being an ambassador for Find Your Activity.

“The Find Your Activity team are great. As a husband and wife who are constantly juggling stuff with the kids FYA provide that one stop place to access lots of different clubs. I felt this platform answers directly the needs and wants of the community, bringing it all together under one roof. And as an activity provider, it could not be easier!”

So, if you are a coach who has been out of the game for a while and needs a push back into teaching to give your team the best experience they can have, why not get in touch with the Magic Academy or even get involved with their activities as a player. They offer fun, sociable and diverse lessons centred around helping individuals to achieve their dreams. As Rusty puts it “Our coaches are Wizards”.💫



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