Action-On-Tees Part One: “The Blooming Youth Collective”

Find Your Activity reporter Audrey Cook highlights some of Tees Valley's activity providers in a three part mini series celebrating local organisations that support community members living in poverty.


Find Your Activity reporter Audrey Cook highlights some of Tees Valley's activity providers in a three part mini series celebrating local organisations that support community members living in poverty.


Teesside, (or ‘Tees Valley’) is an area between North Yorkshire and County Durham, and an area seriously affected by poverty, having one of the largest poverty rates in Britain consistently, every year. With all of this in mind, this blog is a love letter to Teesside and its effort towards inclusion and social change. Teesside is a place that is uplifted by its sense of community. Though many people live in hardship, there is a deep pride that shapes the area, and the sense of solidarity that emanates through each street and estate. 


Community led clubs, groups and organisations in the area have a huge challenge to stay up and running. There’s very little funding and resources available, and there are many factors within poverty-stricken areas that can prevent people from attending these activities: lavish entry fees, start times that don’t cater for workers or parents, and inaccessible venue placements for people without cars or access to safe or reliable transport.


It’s a juggling act to create activities that are truly accessible to members of the community, whilst also acknowledging the well needed support for the activity providers themselves!


So, in this blog series, we plan to highlight just three of the many organisations in Teesside that are really nailing it! Those that are making an impact in their area, and even using their platform to provoke social change in a region that needs it!


Blooming Youth Collective

The Blooming Youth Collective are a new creative arts collective based at the Palace Hub in Redcar. The Palace Hub is a culture hub that has sat on the seafront mostly unused for any cultural arts purpose since it was built back in 2013. The Collective, through the help of Tees Valley Arts, have created a gorgeous space for youth to genuinely feel a sense of belonging, they run different creative workshops and youth-led get-togethers every Monday. Examples of their events are art classes, youth and social drop ins, and even fully funded field trips to different galleries, museums, and gardens in the area. 




Blooming Youth Collective have put sustainable living and environmental activism at the heart of their clubs and activities. Their efforts have created a warm and welcoming space for young people to put into practice aspects of social change that they truly care about, through a fun, and relaxed environment.


Their activities focus on such things as up-cycling, gardening and planting food, as well as creating a space to nurture ways to channel their activism such as music lessons, painting, zine making, and creative writing workshops. All of which are free, and all of which are based at an easily accessible venue


They are constantly finding new ways to harness the voices of young people, they have recently homed of the Young People’s Podium at the Festival of Thrift: a platform where young people can stand before an audience and share their voice and opinions on sustainability and the climate crisis publicly, through poetry, protest, and spoken word.


It’s an electric and empowering space, one that puts the power into the hands of our younger generation, and makes members of the community proud to do so.



They are constantly continuing to provide more and more creative opportunities for young people in the area, and it’s wonderful to see the cultural development and impact that they’ve made in such a quick time period. Providing access to areas people can’t afford to go to, running workshops that require resources that people couldn’t normally afford, for example:


"Their lino printing workshop was fantastic!"


Creating a social hangout space in their downstairs gallery has encouraged young people in the area to become an active member of the community, their work will inspire so many young people to express themselves and find enact positive change.


The team at Find Your Activity wishes them the best of luck with everything that they plan to do next! 


Join the hundreds of young people finding their voice in their local community over at Find Your Activity!


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